About Us

A one-stop shop throughout gold’s lifecycle

At SGC, we have built an integrated network covering all aspects of gold’s lifecycle, from refining high-purity gold at our own facilities to the creation of works by master goldsmiths. Our stores and exhibitions then bring these items to customers before purchasing precious metals from them to be reborn as new creations. Gold is the finest material known to humanity, and our reliable technology crafts it into items that express people’s most heartfelt sentiments.

Yutaka Tsuchiya

At SGC, we are proud to have been handling gold products for more than 30 years. Gold is widely considered a “safe haven” investment and is attracting considerable attention as a stable asset in the face of turbulent times.
While the gold used in our work is a material with inherent value, our creations further enhance it through their outstanding artistry and craftsmanship. We continuously boast a lineup of more than 1,000 items, including Buddhist statues and altar fittings, ornaments, and Japanese and Western tableware. Day by day, we have expanded our reach to help more and more people to find items that carry deep personal significance, whether it be a gift for a dear loved one, a treat for themselves or assets to pass on to their children and grandchildren.
As you browse our range of items brought to life by some of Japan's leading goldsmiths, you are sure to discover the everlasting wonder of the precious material that gave Japan the name of “Zipangu, the Land of Gold.”

CEO, SGC Co., Ltd.Yutaka Tsuchiya

Takahisa Ishikawa

While gold is often seen purely as an asset to invest in, we partner with passionate craftspeople to create lovingly-crafted works of art from pure gold. We strive to convey the dedication and philosophy of these artists to our customers while providing works that can be treasured as beloved heirlooms,
In August 2018, we brought renewed dynamism to this mission through the creation of our new logo. Taking gold as a material with universal value, we have made the most of an integrated network that includes our own refineries and stores to develop products full of originality that feature uniquely Japanese techniques and designs, including traditional craftsmanship.
In the future, we hope to establish new frontiers of pure gold art in Japan and beyond. Through this work, we hope that more and more people can discover the wonder of creations made with this magnificent material.

COO, SGC Co., Ltd.Takahisa Ishikawa

Company Overview

Company name
SGC Co., Ltd.
CEO: Yutaka Tsuchiya
COO: Takahisa Ishikawa
GINZA PLACE 10F, 5-8-1 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo,
104-0061, Japan
June 8, 1951
10,000,000 yen
Annual sales
42,100,000,000 yen (FY2017)

Permit under Secondhand Goods Business Act Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission Permit No. 301061704105

Products Handled

  • Gold products, artwork and crafts

Major Clients

  • Takashimaya Co., Ltd.
  • Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.
  • Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores Co., Ltd.
  • Other department stores throughout Japan
  • Mitsubishi Materials Corporation