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Gold is a precious natural resource said to be in extremely short supply worldwide. Only about five grams of gold is extracted from every ton of ore.
Taking this invaluable material, SGC has continued to work with highly-skilled goldsmiths to create gold products that encapsulate people's deepest emotions.
We also refine gold at our own facilities and have established a circular ecosystem handling everything from the creation of gold products to their sale, purchase, and recycling.
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Gold is a precious natural resource. At SGC, we refine gold at our own facilities, working to a business model based on recycling this limited commodity.
With our reliable technology, we transform gold products purchased from customers into high-purity gold, ensuring that not a single gram is wasted.

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Our goldsmiths

We carry on and breathe new live into Japanese metalworking techniques built on centuries of tradition. Goldsmithing is an extremely select profession in Japan, and masters of this art are renowned for their skill, steadfastness, and rich sensibility.
At SGC, we work with master goldsmiths to create exquisite works in gold. Every single piece we produce is a culmination of techniques and passion passed down through generations of artists.

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Telling the story of gold

We can be found in department stores and other locations across Japan, helping people to discover the unique joy of items made from gold every single day. We also hold more than twenty Dai Ogonten exhibitions in various locations each year as events that give this exquisite material a chance to truly shine.